Kare Physiotherapy is proud to be a highly regarded Pelvic Health physiotherapy clinic in Kelowna, BC.  We have a reputation as being the leading authority in pelvic floor physiotherapy in the Okanagan.  We are the only clinic in the Okanagan that focuses PURELY on pelvic health conditions.

We have 30 years experience in pelvic health and are expert physiotherapists in our field of practice.  We are dedicated to being a leading clinic that specializes in all disorders related to the pelvic floor and pelvis. Our highly skilled physiotherapists are passionate about using the latest scientific research, tools and modalities to give you the best therapeutic outcomes possible.

As registered physiotherapists we work closely with midwives, doctors and specialists such as urologists and obstetricians to give you optimal care and attention.  Our mission is to offer professional and compassionate physiotherapy to men, women and children that suffer from pelvic pain, incontinence and all forms of pelvic dysfunction.